Crumbs for Trees

For each Crumb Dropped between the 18th April – 25th April, Breadcrumbs will plant a tree with Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar Ecological Restoration . If there has ever been a good reason to Drop Crumbs (and Drop a lot of them) it is this – because who doesn’t enjoy a good tree right?

We’ve been running a few giveaways at Breadcrumbs in the last few months. From brand new GoPro’s to Ski Passes at Mt Ruapehu – we have been showering the awesome Breadcrumbs community with treats! But this Easter, we decided to change it up. Instead of a giveaway, we are running a giveback. Specifically, giving back to Aotearoa – the beautiful land of all things adventure and outdoors.


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We cherish the natural environment here in NZ. Everything from hiking and camping to beach days and manu’s at the local swimming hole are enabled by the delicate balance of our natural world. We believe that if we can enjoy the environment around us, then we can do something to help it survive too!

If you support this cause, do us a favor and help us spread the word. Drop a Crumb, chuck up a story, share our post – do anything to make sure that we are planting forests this Easter! If this campaign goes well – we are hoping to turn it into a long-term commitment!

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