Hey, we just met you. And this is crazy. But we’re a start-up. Call us maybe?

Kicking it all off. The ball is rolling. Wheels are in motion. We are no longer a dream-up, but now a start-up. While that may not mean much to anyone yet, it means a lot to us.

Who is us?
Cameron Brodie – a 23 year old design graduate out of Massey University is the captain. The pilot, the commander, the leader, whatever. Call him what you want, he runs the show. Cam is an avid coffee drinker, a cafe connoisseur. If there is a new place with dope food/drink in town, Cam knows and he has likely already gone there.

breadcrumbs was Cam’s major project at uni, one that earned him first class honors  and received high commendation from industry professionals. Cam brings a creative angle and some out of the box problem solving to the team. He is excellent at designing fresh AF screens for you (the users) & he knows the trends surrounding the mobile tech breadcrumbs is using.

Brendan Platt – Also 23 years old, holds a marketing degree out of Otago Uni. He is the marketing & sales side of the operation. Brendan loves to travel, has done a couple of ski seasons and is getting into surfing (shakka brah). Brendan loves to immerse himself in nature, spending all available time in the outdoors exploring.

When Cam showed Brendan breadcrumbs as a uni project things escalated. We spent a verrrrrry long time working on whether the idea would flop or fly (it flies), which led to taking the concept through its capital raising rounds. Goals were reached, money was raised (cheers to our GC angel investors), and we are now underway.

Obviously we can’t say too much about the nature of our business until we are ready for release. But chances are, if you’re reading this now then you know us anyway, and you know what we are up to. If not, wait with eager anticipation, because our shit is dope and we are like a cross between Fergie & Jesus.

More to come.

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