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A few thoughts & commentaries on issues that effect tourism, start-ups, New Zealand & us. 

New Zealand Tourism

New Zealand Tourism Industry – A Hippie with Goals

In an ideal world businesses would have a holistic view of their place in the world. They would care not […]

By: breadcrumbs17September 10, 2018

Self-contained camping at Morrisons Bush

Dunno bout them bears, but freedom campers definitely 💩 in our 🌳

Let’s just all imagine a scenario for a second. You are a 20-something year old backpacker. You’ve just arrived in […]

By: breadcrumbs17April 6, 2018

Surfing at Mirissa Main Break - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – The tourism tide is high on this little slice of paradise.

Sri Lanka is a destination that has been kept under wraps a bit over the last couple of decades. Once […]

By: breadcrumbs17January 30, 2018

New Chums Lookout - The Coromandel

Wow. It really is good for your soul.

Breadcrumbs recently teamed up with Jucy, Tripper Society & The Coromandel on a project to showcase what the area has […]

By: breadcrumbs17December 22, 2017

Dense Fiji Jungle

It’s not all about the cocktails & snorkelling… But they’re nice too.

For many kiwis, when winter hits and we need a bit of D (the vitamin sort) we think of Fiji. […]

By: breadcrumbs17November 9, 2017

But who doesn’t love swimming in cow poo? 🏊💩🤢

Kiwis need to sharpen up. With elections looming over us like a very dark, very creepy shadow, some real issues […]

By: breadcrumbs17August 25, 2017

Sharing is Caring, But Exposing is Posing 🏄🌅💩

Is exposing a hidden place useful to people, or is it ruining the very nature of that place?

By: breadcrumbs17July 24, 2017

Attraction is Subjective.

Have you ever been to see something because you felt you should. You’ve seen good Ratings. You know people who […]

By: breadcrumbs17May 26, 2017

Damn Mother Nature. You Sexy.

The saying really is true… You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. So many kiwis head off overseas […]

By: breadcrumbs17April 30, 2017

East Cape Camping Trip

3 stars. Its a great beach, just too sandy.

Review platforms. While they serve a purpose to a large proportion of the population, if you are reading this… chances […]

By: breadcrumbs17April 11, 2017