Attraction is Subjective.

Have you ever been to see something because you felt you should. You’ve seen good Ratings. You know people who have taken a photo there so you need to go and tick that photo off the list too. You save for a while, plan everything about where to go & what to do, then you arrive and find yourself a little underwhelmed. Slightly disappointed. Salty. You’ve gone to the great wall and it’s not that great. All that is there is fools with selfie sticks. But is it that the attraction isn’t great OR is it just that it’s not your buzz? Ponder that for a second.


Now that you’ve realized you’re a negative nelly when it comes to seeing buildings/art/nature (whatever it is you didn’t really enjoy) it’s time to start looking for something that is your vibe. This is completely subjective to you, but not you alone! There are thousands of people all around the world who have exactly the same interests. Skiing, surfing, coffee, craft beer, music, necrophilia (wait what). No matter what it is, there are people who love the same stuff & it’s time to connect with them. Whether you want to connect virtually or in real life, you should be able to share tips on where to go & what to do, based on what floats your boat (A-ha this is a sales pitch).

Breadcrumbs is (there’s the plug) the platform that is going to help you with this connection. By following other users who share the same interests, you will quickly populate your map with crumbs dropped by a community of people like you. We have also brewed up a simple but smart algorithm which will learn from your interaction, in order to match you with crumbs that you will love. This means if you ski, you will see good lines down the hill.  If you surf, barrels brah. Drink coffee = Alty cafe’s. Love a brew = slick bars. Music = gigs. Funeral homes….

Our hometown of Wellington, New Zealand is a vibrant, colourful and exciting place to live. There is always something on, whether its Wellington on a plate, Homegrown, CubaDupa. But I can imagine how a tourist could come to Wellington and not be that excited to be honest. Especially when you have a look at TripAdvisor’s top things to do in our city (Wellingtons supposed top things to do), #11 &16 are the ferry & the northern train… Both of them involve departing the city!!! The goddam I-site is #15. Never ever have I found myself on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, and thought “you know what, i’m gonna go hang out at the I-site”, but that’s just me, some people might froth it, and if they do then they should be able to connect with other odd, odd people.
The below is an image from TripAdvisor’s reviews of “plimmer steps” – why 30 people felt the need to review a staircase is beyond me but the point remains.


It’s tough really isn’t it? What I give 5 stars, you give 1. I say potato you say potato (doesn’t really work when you write it). So why do we continue to put a score on things? Our opinions are subjective, so maybe we shouldn’t try to rate things. That’s what we think at Breadcrumbs anyway, which is why we decided to move away from a ratings system. With Breadcrumbs you will drop a crumb at something you liked, and tag it with relevant keywords. Then it will find its way to those interested. You won’t complain about your lukewarm coffee from starbucks and you won’t try to become a cafe critic, unless you actually are a critic.

The age old saying still applies… “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – cheers mum.

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