It’s not all about the cocktails & snorkelling… But they’re nice too.

For many kiwis, when winter hits and we need a bit of D (the vitamin sort) we think of Fiji. The tropical paradise that is just a short 3 ½ hour journey away. Here at Breadcrumbs, we have been lucky enough to have spent some time in Fiji over the years. From family holidays as toddlers to a week long rinse-sesh with the bros! It doesn’t matter if you are going for the sun, the sand, the surf or the snorkelling –  Fiji delivers the goods! While Fiji is a nothing but a relaxing holiday for many, where bowl lattes are swapped for Pinacoladas….  a couple of nature frothers such as ourselves don’t really sit still for long. We would rather spend our time getting out and about and seeing what we can find than work on our tan. We thought we’d show you a few of the dope things we discovered… just incase you also don’t want to lie round a pool reading 50 shades of grey next time you are in Fiji.

Tip #1 – Get away from the resorts.

Denarau is not representative of Fiji. To experience the real Fiji, you will need to go for a bit of a wander. On our 4th day of a week long bender Sept’16, we decided to hire a car and go for a drive. So very hungover, 4 lads squeezed into a very small suzuki Jimny and blazed a trail into the mountains. We arrived at Abaca Village, at the foot of the Koroyanitu National Park – a mountainous jungle. This jungle was one of the most dense, untouched landscapes we have encountered to date & to top it off, there is a 2-2.5 hour loop track which takes you through tangled trees to the foot of a towering waterfall! We can 100% recommend this walk for nature frothers. Note that the waterfall won’t be a gusher if you are in dry season (June – September), but it will still be running!

If a sweaty walk in the jungle isn’t your buzz then maybe getting amongst some of the local way of life will tickle your pickle. Go into Nadi Food Markets and get a taste of local shopping! The fruit looks crazy to the eyes of a tourist, used to seeing picture perfect food on a supermarket shelf – be prepared for lemons that look like limes with warts! Be sure to try ladyfinger bananas if they are in season 💯🍍🍌🍋. Just be sure to have a chat with the ever-friendly local vendors, they will point you in the right direction of what will be best and most interesting for you to try! An experience like the markets is a great way to get a little taste of Fijian life. The handicraft markets nearby are worth a quick look too if you are after some souvenirs! Be prepared to haggle a little bit though!

Dense Fijian Jungle Travelling Fiji

Tip #2 – If you are after that fiji-grammable pic, head to the Islands.

Fiji consists of over 300 islands, so you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to finding your own slice of paradise! There is the Lau group to the south, Taveuni rainforest island or the Yasawa Group just to name a few. The most easily accessible and common islands to go to is definitely the Yasawas. The 3 top picks from our opinion here are Octopus Island, Manta Ray & Blue Lagoon. If you are after a night OTP its hard to go past Beachcomber island too! The best thing about the islands in the Yasawas (and beachcomber) is that they are easily accessible. There are multiple ferries that take you from island to island, just hop on & off as you need (although they are a little expensive!).

Tip #3 – Take the chance to give back

While Fiji is a paradise for us to visit, its worth keeping in mind that it is also home to nearly 900,000 people. The population of Fiji generally lives off a low annual income, without lavish homes, without nice cars, without Tv’s, without iphones. The Fijian people are among the friendliest & happiest you will find in the world. They do not have much, but they are incredibly happy. If you are heading to Fiji and you have some second hand clothing, school supplies or sports equipment (the most sought after items!) then do take it with you. Make an effort to meet some locals and let them know you would like to donate some goods to their village. Your heart will be warmed by the reception you receive when you do make it to the village. If you are in Fiji, we cannot recommend more highly, taking the time to give back to a village. Not only will you make a whole squad of new mates, but you might just learn a thing or two about materialism (or minimalism) at the same time!

We could go on all day about the island paradise of Fiji, but rather than spoil it – we will let you make your own judgements. If you are considering Fiji for a holiday or travels then believe us when we say you cannot go wrong. Check out our video below for some of the things mentioned above, and be sure to download Breadcrumbs to use as your guide to paradise. Just remember – there is more to Fiji than the cocktails (although getting LIT up on a beach isnt all bad)!  

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