Is your Start-up even an “Agile Unicorn”?🦄🤔

If we said that we are “A lean start-up who is taking an agile, design-thinking approach to building a future-unicorn which guides discovery in a disruptive nature” would you think we are pricks? You probably would. In fact, we would expect you to “pivot” and walk away from us as fast as possible. But don’t worry we would never use such a  sentence. We aren’t like other start ups – walking around with their pants rolled up to their shins, unshaven like they don’t give a damn how they look, thinking they are gonna be the next big thing to come out of Welly….
Shin for the win

Okay, so maybe we do fit the stereotype pretty closely. A perfect match really.
Well we might as well embrace it, and we are going to do that by giving a writing about what we have found interesting over the last 18 months of our existence and what happens from here!

Despite what you may think, it has not been all smooth sailing so far. In our first week as a registered business, we showed up to a meeting with freshly printed business cards and that was about it. We were naive, we were excited and yes we got roasted. Fair to say it hasn’t all been naivety though, we have had a couple of spanners thrown in. The time Brendan accidentally sent a text to a potential investor that wasn’t investment related (to say the least). When Cam left his phone on loud in a big presentation and the group chat was getting lit up. Or how about when Apple sent through an update 1 day before our testers came onboard. Yes, all examples of it being our first rodeo. And we may have been bucked a couple of times, but you bet your bottom dollar that we keep getting back on that horse.

On the flipside, we have had a large number of things go right. We have been able to convince experienced, smart people that our product will stick – and they put money into it. We have developed a product which is now in use, soon to be readily available for anyone that wants it. And we have created a brand that we are proud of, that is authentic and speaks its mind rather than doing anything possible to suck up to customers. We have come to appreciate the capacity we work in too! Despite what you think (that we do bugger all), we are actually busy. Really busy. We are able to work without overbearing authority or people to tell us what to do, which allows us complete creative freedom. We get to be weirdos in our twenties, creating a product for other weirdos in their twenties – And we think that this is evident through Breadcrumbs user experience!

So what is next for us? Well as Wu-Tang put it C.R.E.A.M.(“cash rules everything around me” for those who are rap illiterate). In our world, you are only as good as the cash flow you have to sustain you. So next is cash. We can get cash by bringing in revenue through advertising, or selling equity in the company – we aim to do both! We can’t get advertisers however, unless we build up the userbase. There is no shake, without the bake. Our priority for Breadcrumbs is therefore gaining exposure. We are now emerging from the shadows and into the sunlight (which is dangerous for the near-albino Cam as you can see below). Hopefully you will see a little bit of us in the coming months, and hopefully you will help us grow by talking about Breadcrumbs! After all the more users we get, the more crumbs are dropped and the more crumbs that are dropped, the more awesome things to discover!
Cam needs sunblock

It would be remiss of us to fail to mention our testes (whoops, testers). We froth you guys. The now 60 (and growing) tribe of Breadcrumbs test users have been brilliant so far! We have a bucketload of crumbs dropped all around the world – Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, Australia, Fiji, The US, Morocco, the list goes on! Moving forward, you can help us by talking about Breadcrumbs. Once we are on the app store, get people to download! Keep active in your feedback and we can provide better features! If you have Breadcrumbs already, please try to spend 5-10 minutes having a play each week. Drop a crumb, follow another user, try out our new features like the map filtering! If you aren’t on Breadcrumbs yet and would like to be, then please click Here and give Breadcrumbs a Dload!
So we hope that we haven’t become start-up douches. If we have feel free to let us know, if you don’t know what makes a person a start-up douche then just listen out for the key buzzwords:

If the words are all used in 1 paragraph then call the cops, that’s way too much self-love to be legal in public.

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