Crumbs for Trees

Breadcrumbs commits to plant a native tree for every Crumb Dropped – Forever! Read about our motivations and how you can get involved below…

Plant a native tree

Yes, you read that correctly! Every single Crumb that is Dropped on Breadcrumbs app, now means a new native tree being planted by the Breadcrumbs community! For a while now, we have been feeling a bit helpless watching the state of our environment diminishing before our own eyes. We are sick of feeling like we are doing nothing, so while we might not be re-freezing the arctic, we are committing to doing something positive – and we want your help!

Plant a native tree

Breadcrumbs co-founders Brendan & Cameron pretending to plant trees that they have already planted for a photo

Over the course of Easter this year we ran a wee marketing campaign. A simple trade with our community of adventurers – for every contribution to our platform they make, we make a small contribution towards preserving their environment. We had originally thought that we might see a slight increase in activity – we didn’t expect it to more than double! At Breadcrumbs, we pride ourselves on responding to what our community wants – and what became clear during our “Crumbs for Trees” test campaign is that our community wants to help us make a difference.

So this weekend just gone, Breadcrumbs linked up with the great folks at Te Motu Kairangi community group to plant as many trees as we could! We had a fantastic couple of hours standing in the sunshine working alongside 20ish like-minded people who were just keen to roll their sleeves up and make a contribution. Leaving the planting event, feeling accomplished and proud of our efforts – we decided that this marked the beginning of a social cause behind Breadcrumbs!

Starting from 7th May 2019 – every Crumb Dropped on Breadcrumbs represents a positive step towards helping our planet breathe. We are going to need some help… we simply cannot achieve this alone (after all, Breadcrumbs is currently a team of just two)! So from now on, we will be promoting monthly planting events in Wellington run by Te Motu Kairangi… And we want you to come along as representatives of the Breadcrumbs community! We want you to help us reach our monthly target of trees, based on the number of Crumbs that have been dropped! If you are outside of Wellington and want to get involved, put your details into the form and we will link you up with a local planting group near you.

Keen to get involved? Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Enter your details into the form below so we can get in touch when we are hosting a planting event.
  2. Share this post and encourage people to download Breadcrumbs & Drop a Crumb
  3. Drop as many Crumbs as you can!

Many chur’s for reading this far and an even bigger CHUR if you Drop Crumbs and come along to a planting event – let’s re-clothe mother nature, she’s become way too revealing lately.

Cameron & Brendan
Breadcrumbs Founders

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